Visit our web site at for class and workout days and times at http://www.welcomemattrainingcenter.com/.

Kansas City North Community Center is a modern, clean facility and we have a large mat space that can accomodate many people working out. The community center also has a modern weight and fitness room, showers and lockers.  Class fees are inexpensive, especially considering what many other martial arts and jujitsu clubs charge. Call the community center at (816) 784-6100 for cost information or call Michelle Brink at (816) 969-9020 or Head Coach Ken Brink at (816) 969-9019 for more information or if you have any questions about our program.

Monday-Judo (Adults and Older Teens) 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday-Kid's Novice Judo (ages 5 and older) 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday-Kid's Advanced Judo, 7:00​ p.m.

Thursdays-Kid's Novice Judo, 6:00 p.m.

Thursday-Kid's Advanced Judo, 7:00 p.m.

Thursday-Adults and Older Teens Judo, 7:00 p.m.

Saturday-Adults and Kids, 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

All workouts and classes are located at the Kansas City North Community Center, 3930 N.E. Antioch Road, Kansas City, Missouri. 

For more information on our JUDO program for kids, teens and adults, call Michelle Brink at (816) 969-9020 or Coach Ken Brink at (816) 969-9019 or e-mail kbrink8952@aol.com.


Welcome Mat has developed over 350 national and international gold medal winners in judo and hundreds more who have won silver and bronze medals since 1969.  Welcome Mat is a respected leader in the United States in the sport of judo. Our coaching staff offers the best instruction and training available in the Kansas City area. Many judo and jujitsu coaches have been developed at Welcome Mat who now have their own clubs. We are the only judo club in the entire Kansas City area to produce a member of the U.S. Olympic Judo Team. We are honored to be a leader in the development of judo in the Kansas City area since 1969 and continue to offer the best coaching available.

Welcome Mat Training Center is the only gym in the Kansas City area to offer authentic coaching and training in sambo. There are two varieties of sambo. Sport sambo is a rugged grappling sport that includes throws, hold-downs, armlocks and leglocks. Combat sambo is a rugged sport that includes punching, kicking, throws, hold-downs, leglocks, armlocks and chokes. 

 We are the authority in Kansas City on authentic Russian Sambo.
  Welcome Mat has affiliatied training centers and clubs located across the entire Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas metropolitan areas as well as in Littleton, Colorado. The atmosphere at all of our Welcome Mat locations is friendly and open.  There is no macho or bullying attitude tolerated on our mats and all of our coaching staff places emphasis on the development of excellent technical skills, sportsmanship, physical fitness and making sure that everyone on the mat enjoys his or her training and learning experience.  Our coaches are on the mat to teach, not show off. We have developed champions for years and continue to develop champions. We offer solid fundamentals combined with innovative coaching and everyone gets the full attention of our coaches. If you are successful, then we are successful.

Success is an on-going process.
Judo is a great activity for both kids and adults. More than simply a sport, judo is an excellent method of physical education and recreation teaching discipline, self-confidence and maturity. 
We have a modern, clean and large training facility located in the Kansas City North Community Center. Our mats are modern tatami judo mats on a wooden floor for the best possible safety. Our judo dojo is located adjacent to the well-equiped and modern weight-training room.
The emphasis at Welcome Mat is on functional, realistic training based on solid fundamentals. Elite-level skill is fundamentals performed to their potential. The Welcome Mat training philosophy is based on 3 factors: Shin-Mental Altertness, Fighting Heart and Sportsmanship  Gi-Functional, Realistic Technical Skill  Tai-Physical Fitness and Healthy Life Habits.

Welcome Mat Judo Club is a member club of both AAU Judo and USA Judo and supports both organizations. We have hosted national, regional and local judo tournaments, clinics and training camps for over 45 years. Welcome Mat has hosted clinics with World Judo Champions, Olympic Medal Winners and many top-level coaches and athletes. Welcome Mat is the longest-running judo program ever in the Kansas City area and has no plans of slowing down. Our tradition of solid fundamentals combined with innovative coaching will definitely help you achieve your personal goals. We welcome you to be part of our program, no matter what your goals may be.

Head Grappling Coach
 Derrick Darling
5th Grade Black Belt-Shingitai Jujitsu
3rd Grade Black Belt-Kodokan Judo
U.S. National AAU Judo Champion
National Sambo Champion
International Medal Winner in judo, submission grappling and sport jujitsu
World Sambo Veterans Silver Medal Winner
Ken Brink
Head Judo Coach
6th Grade Black Belt
National and International Medal Winner
Accredited Judo Coach 
Head Coach Ken Brink offers a wealth of judo knowledge and experience to every Welcome Mat member. Coach Brink lived and trained at the U.S. Olympic Training Center as a member of the U.S. National Judo Squad and has won gold, silver and bronze medals in national and international judo tournaments. More important, Coach Brink takes a personal interest in the development of every child or adult who steps on the mat. You are welcome to join Coach Brink and his coaching staff on our mats. The emphasis is on sportsmanship, good physical education, enjoyment and teaching solid fundamentals that translate into success at all levels of competition. 
Welcome Mat is the oldest and most successful judo club in the entire Kansas City area. Welcome Mat athletes have competed in over 30 different countries.  We have hosted numerous world-class coaches and athletes for clinics and seminars for many years and continue to do so. And the important thing is that every child or adult who trains at Welcome Mat is important to us.

"If you are successful, then we are successful."
World Judo Champion AnnMaria DeMars coaching kids at one of the many clinics held at Welcome Mat. "Welcome Mat is the best judo club in the Kansas City area and has been for many years." AnnMaria DeMars, World Judo Champion
Welcome Mat coaches go through comprehensive and up-to-date coach education and training. Be assured that if a coach or instructor is wearing one of these patches, he or she has completed some of the most rigorous coaching training available. 
Located at Kansas City North Community Center, 3930 N.E. Antioch Road, Kansas City, Missouri
2115 E. Kansas City Road, Olathe, Kansas 66061 

Call (913) 353-5858 for information.

Welcome Mat Training Center is a family-friendly facility and one of the best-equipped gyms in the Kansas City area with a large tatami judo/jujitsu mat and full-size boxing ring with plenty of heavy and light bags and crash pads. Classes for adults, kids, men and women in a variety of martial arts, boxing, yoga and exercise.
Welcome Mat Founder and Head Coach Steve Scott, 8th Grade Black Belt, personally coaches a Thursday night workout that emphasizes Shingitai Jujitsu, Sambo, Judo and Submission Grappling.
Personal achievement is a major part of our program at Welcome Mat. Our coaches believe that if you are successful, then they are successful.
Our yearly Welcome Mat Awards Banquet is a lot of fun for everyone.
Our large Welcome Mat Training Center facility in Olathe, Kansas.